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Thank you again, Design IDK. I am interested in the interior design of bong pro-dryaging in Kerry Hotel earlier by UC, and I also found an interview with the design team! This time it appeared in 932 physical magazine, everyone will buy back this look!
Thanks again Deisgn IDK!!



Breaking the boring sense of glass: UC's chief designer and Rahmen(Asia) Limited collaborate again to bring the poetic breath to the home.
Guests are fond of ink paintings, and even photographed a pair of valuable hearts in the auction. In view of this, the chief designer of UC used part of the ink painting as a feature wall. In order to bring out the sense of space in the ink painting, UC’s The chief designer decided to use glass as his drawing paper! With the innovative technology of @Rahmen(Asia) Limited, the three-dimensional sculpture is used to engrave the layering in the painting. The glass reflects the poetic colors and gloss, as if bringing the guests to the fairyland in the painting!



The bong pro-dryaging located in the Kerry Hotel actually contains the perfect experience of the UC design team.
The chief designer of UC and Rahmen(Asia) Limited collaborated this time. It took a whole month to go back and forth for a piece of glass! That's right, the piece of Tiffany blue in the picture, the whole glass uses new technology to create a unique texture, and the paint is also injected into the glass with new technology, so with different times of light or sunlight, the glass is The color and luster refracted are also different, just like a gleaming magic mirror casting spells!
The next time you go to bond pro-dryaging, you may wish to make a wish while admiring this artwork, and see if the magician in the mirror will help you achieve your dreams?

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